Making India Work, William Nanda Bissell, ISBN 9780143415312
Making India Work (paperback)

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by: William Nanda Bissell
ISBN: 9780143415312
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Pages: 288
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For a nation that has one of the highest growth rates in the world, is plagued by poverty and corruption. Sixty years after accounts for around 36 per cent of the world’s poor. The deepening fault lines between the haves and the have-nots have given rise to skewed development and widespread discontent. William Nanda Bissell, managing director of the successful Fabindia chain, believes ’s poverty is a direct result of its poor management by ruling elites who have mastered the art of winning elections but have no interest in the deeper issues of governance. He argues that economic development that consumes large amounts of natural resources and generates enormous pollution is not a luxury available to countries that are beginning their development now. Instead, he proposes a radical new paradigm for development that delinks consumption from quality of life while strengthening the natural environment in the process. The central themes of Making India Work echo the ideas and beliefs that underpin the Constitution of India; but they venture beyond the hackneyed phrases of development to focus on strategies which can, Bissell believes, end poverty in in five years. Hard-hitting and provocative, this book is a result of Bissell’s journeys across rural and urban, offering unique solutions to the challenges confronting its people.

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