Road to Commonwealth Games 2010, Sunilyash Kalra, ISBN 9780143415251
Road to Commonwealth Games 2010 (paperback)

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by: Sunilyash Kalra
Publisher:Penguin (2010)
ISBN: 9780143415251
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The Commonwealth Games hold out many promises—they will firmly establish Delhi’s identity as a global city, promote sports among Indians, create job opportunities, increase tourism... But what is the reality behind these claims?
Come October, when India hosts the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, the country will unite in celebrating the biggest sports extravaganza in its history. The whole nation will share the emotions of sportspersons in their moments of triumph and failure during these twelve exciting days. The Games will impact on many different aspects of our lives, and the buzz has already begun.
The book lays bare Delhi’s level of preparedness for the Commonwealth Games 2010 by analyzing important indicators including the physical infrastructure, tourism, security arrangements, the creation of employment and the impact on the environment. Extensively researched, it provides readers with an interpretative and insightful account of the various aspects related to the Games—from sports legacy to corporate sponsorship; from the socio-cultural impact of the Games to their effect on employment. The book also includes a survey of over 5, 000 employers across the country on the long-and short-term impact that the Games will have on work opportunities in India.

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