Beyond Love, Ankit Uttam, ISBN 9788183520126
Beyond Love (paperback)

by: Ankit Uttam
Publisher:Mahaveer Publishers
ISBN: 9788183520126
Price: Rs. 125.00
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If you think that MITs, IIMs and IITs are the be all and end all of every college...THEN THINK AGAIN...
Get ready for a roller coaster ride in the coolest college of the country because this year your definitions will take an about-turn and on this highway many romantic hearts will be shattered. Be ready to experience a war between your mind and your heart, for that four letter CUSS word.. LOVE.
Love is not always pure, sacrifice, friendship, cupid, red, saintly or simply a four letter word. Discover the darkest secrets of your heart where love deciphers into lust, betrayal, money, blasphemy, destruction, war, death, evil, myth and a question.
A tale of four and a half love stories and a hell lot of disaster which should not have happened and unfortunately it did happen.
Discover what the hell lies beneath and beyond those four letter word LOVE?

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