Fall of Giants, Ken Follett, ISBN 9780451233943
Fall of Giants (paperback)

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by: Ken Follett
Publisher:Penguin USA
ISBN: 9780451233943
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'Fall of Giants' is his magnificent new historical epic. The first novel in The Century Trilogy, it follows the fates of five interrelated families-American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh-as they move through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage. Thirteen-year-old Billy Williams enters a man's world in the Welsh mining pits...Gus Dewar, an American law student rejected in love, finds a surprising new career in Woodrow Wilson's White House...two orphaned Russian brothers, Grigori and Lev Peshkov, embark on radically different paths half a world apart when their plan to emigrate to America falls afoul of war, conscription, and revolution...

Media Reviews of Fall of Giants
A lot happens on the first page of Ken Folletts Fall of Giants. King George V is crowned at Westminster Abbey. A Welsh boy named Billy Williams turns 13 and begins his wretched life as a coal miner. And Mr. Follett, who was once a Welsh boy himself but grew up to become his generations most vaunted writer of colorless historical epics, kicks off a whopping new trilogy. His apparent ambition: to span the whole 20th century in blandly adequate novels so fat that theyre hard to hoist.
Fall of Giants is so besotted with stark economic contrasts that the mine is located near the lavish Ty Gwyn, said to be the largest house in Wales. This is the country home of Earl Fitzherbert, who is called Fitz and is said to be the ninth-richest man in Britain. Fitz is married to the selfish Russian-born Princess Bea, a one-woman explanation for the Russian Revolution.
Mr. Follett patiently develops Russian, Welsh, French, German and American principal characters and plotlines. These peoples circumstances vary greatly, but their stories all feel similar somehow. Whatever their nationalities, most of Mr. Folletts main characters enjoy amazing front-row seats to the great historical events of their day.
And readers can be led to Mr. Follett, particularly on the strength of his most recent books, The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. He had the building of a cathedral, the Middle Ages and the Black Death to hold interest, but Fall of Giants is less exotic. It is most memorable as a test of readers fortitude, a step-by-step World War I primer and a breeding ground for the characters who will appear in subsequent installments. However two-dimensional these characters first seem, and however much they spout talking points rather than human conversation, they have begun to develop interesting baggage after 1,000 pages roll by. If only they had gotten off to a less plodding start.

An Excerpt Taken From The New York Times' Book News and Reviews.

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