A Break in the Circle, Sharmila Kantha, ISBN 9788172239312
A Break in the Circle (paperback)

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by: Sharmila Kantha
Publisher:Harper Collins India
ISBN: 9788172239312
List Price: Rs. 250.00
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Pages: 208
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Kallu chacha has to arrange his daughter's marriage. Amma has to prevent Nanni from becoming a model. Nisha mausi has to prepare for her daughter's engagement. Gautam is visiting Patna for some mysterious purpose. The maid is pregnant again. Srijana is buying a goat. And an unknown professor is returning to Patna after twenty years.
Anuradha has to deal with these and other events in her life where everyday compulsions of expectation, duty and responsibility leave her little time for reflection and self discovery. As she strikes up an unexpected online contact with the mysterious professor from America, Anu begins to see life through his eyes and becomes increasingly distanced from the world around her.
Set in small-town India, A Break in the Circle explores the relationship of an individual with her society in an India that israpidly changing, yet unable to let go of its roots.

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