Uncontrolled Risk, Mark Williams, ISBN 9780071638296
Uncontrolled Risk (paperback)

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by: Mark Williams
Publisher:Tata McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9780071638296
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In this dramatic and compelling account of Lehman Brothers' spectacular rise and fall, author Mark T. Williams explains how uncontrolled risk toppled a 158-year-old institution-- and what it says about Wall Street, Washington, D. C., and the world financial system. A former trading floor executive and Fed bank examiner, Williams sees Lehman's 2008 collapse as a microcosm of the industry-- a worst-case scenario of smart decisions, stupid mistakes, ignored warnings, and important lessons in money, power, and policy that affect us all. This book reveals: The Congressional inquisition of disgraced CEO Dick Fuld: "Did he really deserve it? " How the investment-banking money machine broke down: "Can it be fixed? " The key drivers that caused the financial meltdown: "Can lessons be learned from them? " The wild risk taking denounced by President Obama: "Is Washington to blame, too? " The ongoing debate on reform and regulation: "Can meaningful reform avert another financial catastrophe? "
This fascinating account traces Lehman's history from its humble beginnings in 1850 to its collapse in 2008. Lehman's story exemplifies the everchanging trends in finance-- from investment vehicles to federal policies-- and exposes the danger and infectious nature of uncontrolled risk.

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